Month: August 2015

You left me ALONE.

You left me alone and went off,

You left our memories with me,

You left the love feeling with me,

You left the things with me,

Because to make myself feel like a hell,

Every day every moment,

Our memories asking me that when you come,

My heart ask me when I will smile,

My eye ask me when I will see you,

But my lips never ask me anything,

It always pronouns your name.

My hands want to hold you forever

My ears always want to hear you,

My heart will always be you,

My day starts with your memories,

And ends with you absences.


My First Look at YOU.

When I saw you for the first time,

I felt like you are mine’s.

At that time I felt that,

Only I and you in the ground.

In background a romantic music is playing,

I felt the wind was blowing thunder,

I felt that the sunny climate,

Suddenly change into romantic climate.

I felt that we both are in the Love heaven,

Looking in each others eyes deeply.

I felt you like my angel,

The single word of your hello,

Made me so crazy,

That I want to hear all the time.

At that time when you went,

My heart, my dream were broken in pieces like glass,

I always keep you in my heart,

I always live my life by seeing your smile.

For me Love is Cursed.

I never thought that I will break like this,
It feels like my heart is kept on the bite.

I never thought that,

This wonder feeling of love,

Will turn into a curse for me.

I Always hoped to have love in my life,

But when people said and the situations,

Made me to go away from love.

It was easy to fall in love,

But it’s difficult to get away from Love.

Now the love has left me with it pains,

And this pain became my life,

Now I really feel that,

For me Love is cursed.