Month: July 2014

It is poverty.

A mother who wants to feed her child,
But she don’t have food, is Poverty.
A child who dies of small disease,
Because of in-proper treatment, is Poverty.
A person who dream’s to have
Food twice a day is Poverty.
A person who don’t have proper,
Shelter to live, is Poverty.
A person who don’t have proper,
Clothes to wear, is Poverty.
A person who sits under umbrella,
In his house during rain, is Poverty.
A defeated and despondent mother,
Poisoning and killing her child is poverty.


People says.

people says love is blind.
i say yes love is blind,
it don’t see the color of the person,
it don’t see the person is rich or poor,
it always see how much the person love me,
yes my love is blind,
i am also blind in my love.

I am up

today i am up and the sky is down.
today i am forward and world is back.
today i am in love with your feelings.
today you made my day awesome.
today you made my life beautiful like rose.
hey! friends complete the lines with your feeling

I am lossing

i am loosing myself in your memories,
i became like a dry leaf without you,
come and feel my love,
come near to me and make my life like a rose.
come my love…my heart is waiting for you….
my life is incomplete without u…..
come and take me in your hands…
next lines are going to come soon

Today is mothers day.

today is Mother’s Day and this for you mom
oh god! please keep my mom happy,
give my happiness to my mom,
give my life to my mom,
give here sadness to me,
give me strength to fulfill,
the dreams of my god- my Mom,
don’t take me away from her,
i want to be with her always,
she is my god, she is my heart beat,
she is my life, she is my everything.
i can’t express you how much i love you.

Today I

today i fall in love with you,
today i lost my heart,
today i lost my concentration,
by seeing you.
Today you showed me,
how much you love me,
today your smile was amazing,
which made me to fall in love with you,
oh! my honey i love you.

Why I miss you?

don’t know why i miss you today,
don’t know why every where in,
everything i miss you.
every-time every-second,
is like a hell without you,
i remember the time,
which we spent together,
i miss you badly,
come to me my honey,
my whole life is for you.