First time – First feeling.

First time when I saw you,

For a minute I lost my concentration.

When I listened your voice we for the first time,

I felt that god made my ears,

to hear your lovely voice.

The time when you came near to me,

And asked to be friends.

I felt so happy like a rose smiling during winter.

First time when you gave me a rose,

I felt that you gave your heart to me.

First time when you hold my hand,

I felt that you love me,

And want to be with me.

When you said I Love you,

At that time I wanted to hold you in my arms forever,

And I wanted to tell you that,

I too love you,

But I was so wondered that,

My lips were shivering to tell.

At last you came to know that I Love you,

But you don’t know that,

I love you from the time,

When I saw you in my life.




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