Month: February 2014

A baby came to this world.

a little kid came to this world,

Every one felt happy.

Now the kid is grown up,

she helped us like a sister,

And solved your problems.

She became our friend,

And our life was amazing.

She loved a person other then her life,

He too loved her their became their partners.

She became mother and cared us,

But a person loved her appearance,

Raped her and killed me,

Then we made a big fight,

Only for few weeks,

the persons sent to jail,

For 5 or 10 years.



You did everything for me – Brother.

In my whole life brother,

You cared my feelings,

You always helped me ,

You always fulfilled my wishes,

In return’s I hurt you,

I felt very sorry,

I cheated my God.

Give a  chance to me Brother,

I love you as like my God,

You are everything to me.

I will never cheat you again Brother,

And forgive me Brother for my mistake,

I will do what you say to do.

I can’t live without you brother.

Come and Love me Mom.

I hide myself while crying,

Because I miss you.

The other children see,

and make fun of me,

But their don’t know that,

I have such a lovely mom,

who always me like a angel.

No one to guide me,

I lost the way to reach my goal,

come and make the way to reach my goal.

No one is their to protect me mom,

Come and protect me.

No one to love me,

Come and love me mom.

I Love you – Brother.

Brother your like a mother to me,

Because you always took my care like  a mother.

Brother your like a father to me,

Because you always fulfilled my wishes.

Brother your like a sister to me,

who always listened my words.

Brother your like also a good brother to me,

who solved all my problems.

Brother you always play,

Many different roles in my life,

To make me happy.

You are like a god to me Brother.

I didn’t saw the god,

But I see god in you.



Sometimes I feel…

Sometimes I fight with you,

to make our relation strong.

Sometimes I advice you,

to show that I listen your words.

Sometimes I solve your problems,

to prove that I am with you.

Sometimes I make you happy,

Because I can’t see you in sad mood.

Sometimes I hug you,

to make you comfort.

Sometimes I kiss on your forehead,

to show that you are my princess.

Sometimes I hold your hand,

to tell that I am always with you.

Sometimes I keep your head on my shoulder,

to show that I care for you.

I always love you,

As your my god,

And you are the one,

For whom my heart pumps the blood.

First time – First feeling.

First time when I saw you,

For a minute I lost my concentration.

When I listened your voice we for the first time,

I felt that god made my ears,

to hear your lovely voice.

The time when you came near to me,

And asked to be friends.

I felt so happy like a rose smiling during winter.

First time when you gave me a rose,

I felt that you gave your heart to me.

First time when you hold my hand,

I felt that you love me,

And want to be with me.

When you said I Love you,

At that time I wanted to hold you in my arms forever,

And I wanted to tell you that,

I too love you,

But I was so wondered that,

My lips were shivering to tell.

At last you came to know that I Love you,

But you don’t know that,

I love you from the time,

When I saw you in my life.



I love you – My Angel.

I love you more than my heart,

I like you more than myself,

I protect you like the a mother bird,

who protects her children from animals.

I care for you like a mother,

I guide you like a teacher,

I support you,

Being shadow of you.

I understand your emotions,

As like a best friend.