Month: January 2014

You Gone, Everthing is GONE.

You gone, everything is gone,

my love, my happiness, my smile.

every day every second i dream about you,

i feel like a hell without you,


My life became like a rose thrown on street,

my eyes are waiting to see you,

my ears are waiting to hear your voice,

my hands are waiting for your support,

I am waiting for you,


My day start with our memories,

And end with our memories.

But the memories makes me sad,

and make to feel like a bird without features,

which can’t fly.


My life book became incomplete,

please come and complete my life book,

with our love story.Image


MOM is like A GOD.

In childhood, we said  “MOM is mine, MOM is mine”,

And now we are saying  “MOM is yours, MOM is yours”.


At childhood, we can’t live without MOM,

But now, we do not want her.


When some one scolds us, our mom fight with them,

During our turn, we are scolding our mom.


When something happens to us, she take care of us,

And when something happens to her, we sent them in “Old – Age Home’s”. 


In our whole life we hurt-ed her,

But in returns we got blessing from her.


She always pray for our happiness, she don’t care about herself,

But we are playing with her feelings.


In our life god gifted us many things, But the precious gift is MOM. 

We have to respect our mom and treat her as a GOD.


And don’t send your god to “Old – Age Home’s”.Image

My Heart says.

You are like a charming rose for me,

Your smile makes me crazy,

Your words inspire me

Your hug make me comfort,

Your the one for whom i live,

Your support makes me so stronger

that i feel like a grazing lion.

You are my dream angel,

You are my heart beat and

our love is my story book.

I love to be with u,

U are my world.