Month: December 2013


When I came in this world, The first person to see was you – MOM,

Because of you, I came in this beautiful world,

your like a GOD to me,

The first word which I told from my mouth it was U,

Many times I hurt-ed you, but I love you deeply MOM,

You are my World, Without you I feel the world is empty

And I feel feel like a hell to live,

I LOVE U MOM – to say this 3 diamond words,

the world told me to tell this on MOTHER”S DAY,

But I told them, to wish my MOM i don’t need any day,

If you happy, I feel that i am happy,

I can’t see you in angry mood MOM,

Because you won’t look nice in angry mood mom.

So, My lovely MOM. ALWAYS KEEP SMILING…and this is for u mom.<3 ❤ ❤


U and ME

When you came in my Life,

my life started to glow like the sun,

started to smile like the moon,

started to twinkle like the star’s,

started to smell like a jasmine flower’s,

My Life became beautiful like a butterfly.


When you held my hands,

I felt that us like Romeo and Juliet


When you send the gift’s to me,

I felt happy like a peacock dancing in the forest.


I Love you, i can’t forget the moments of we both.

I can’t forget u at any cost because your my heart.